Estonian religious leaders celebrate Good Friday | News

In Tallinn, church leaders laid candles in St. John’s Church (Jaani kirik) and at the foot of the War of Independence Monument. They then visited the Peter and Paul Cathedral (Peeter-Pauli katedraal) followed by the Oleviste Church (Oleviste kirik) and the Episcopal Cathedral (Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkirik).

Leaders marched to each church in a procession known as the Stations of the Cross led by a member carrying a wooden cross. The action recalls the suffering of Jesus on the day of his death.

Archbishop Urmas Viilma, chairman of the Estonian Council of Churches (EELK), said that although the procession has Catholic rather than Lutheran roots, it still takes place here.

“[I]It took place here in Tallinn and elsewhere in Estonian cities as an ecumenical effort where all Christian churches, mainly Western Christians, undertake this journey together,” he told the news program. ‘ETV “Aktuaalne kaamera”.

Asked what people should think on Good Friday, Jaan Tammsalu, a teacher at Jaani Parish Church, replied, “Peace! And what I can do to create peace around us. And that they would be also peace much, much further from here.”

Similar events also took place in Tartu and Haapsalu.

Martha J. Finley