Some Disadvantages Of Doing Raw Diet

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We are going to get good and bad things from something are depended on what we do about it. You go with it on the bad way and you end up getting the bad thing about it. it is much similar to happen when you are doing it on the right way, you are going to get so many good things about it. This is what I really want to talk about here. Doing raw diet is not only giving us some benefits, but also some bad things that might be dangerous to our body.

Food is becoming the number source of energy to our body. How much the energy that we will get on our body would be really depended on this case. You are eating more healthy food means that you are going to get more energy. This case is also happened when you are doing it wrong. There are so many great chance that you are going to face some disease because of the food that you are eating. This is what happens to many people of doing raw food diet. They do not know there are some risks that they are going to get if they are doing it too much. Here are some risks that you are going to get if you do raw diet food too much.


This case is not happened to many people, but there is always a risk watching you. There are some green toxic that people would get when they eat raw food. Eating it on the normal amount would not cause any problem, but it is totally different when you eat it too much. It will start to risk some people who have fair skin and it is pretty bad. They would get some skin sensitivity and skin problems because of this case.

Raw Eggs

I do not really recommend you of eating too much raw eggs because there are some bacteria contained inside of it. The name of bacteria is salmonella which is pretty dangerous and could injure and even kill you. The only thing that we can do to kill this bacterium is by cooking them. That is the only option that we have. Just be careful on everything that you are doing.


Even cooking meat in the high temperature could pose you to serious disease such as cancer. Could you imagine what kind of risk if you are decided to eat it raw? You are going get some serious injury because the meat is not really safe to it raw. There are so many bacteria contained on it because all of the process. You cannot just simply freeze it because they would become active again once the meat is back on the normal condition. It is better for you to smoke it on lower temperature since you are getting almost the same amount of protein. So just smokerit and see how good it is when it’s entering of your body.

There Is Nothing To Eat

Imagine when your friend asks you to come with them to the restaurant and you cannot go with them because you cannot eat the food there. I am very sure that they are going to be disappoint if yo keep rejecting it. I actually very surprise when one my friend doing this diet because there is nothing to eat. You can eat meat, fish, chicken and all of the other stuff which is cooked. How you could life it, I personally not able to live without eating burger, pizza and other delicious foods. There are so many good things you are going to miss.

Well, I could still eat some vegetables and fruits, really? I would be surprised if some people could do with it. There is really nothing to eat, you could see the list of raw foods that you could eat and you would see that there is not too many things available for this case.

Hungry For All The Time

There is always a price if you do not have anything to eat or you just eat some of them. You are not going to stop from hungry all of the time only if you stop doing this diet. At least, you cannot do it 100 %. Many of good nutrients are left from doing this thing.

Just think it again, you are not going to be very healthy for doing this case all the time. Doing raw diet is not the bad thing to do, but you cannot do it all the time without any break. Our body sometimes needs many things that we cannot easily get from this diet. I just hope that I could change some people opinion on doing this raw diet and they would forget to do it.