What Should I Do To Improve My Local Community

In my local community actually there is some important stuff happen. We feel that we don’t have any improvement for couple this month. Every people think that we should make any improvement in order to make it better. Then, some people write their own opinion on what we need to do now and we are getting pretty much idea here. We even making any future plans, thanks to our meeting last week. There are so many things that are needed in order to grow our community. One of the great things is making any great or mutual activity. That is only a single way to improve our community and now I have some nice ideas as well to help our community.

Buying Local Food

This one is actually pretty common, but it’s really helping us to get closer. Having a healthy local market, means we are getting closer to get a perfect community. Don’t bother yourself on buying any food from outside since everything is already prepared in our local market. I guess there is nothing wrong with the quality and the price is also cheaper.


Recycling process is not easy to do, but the effect for the environment is really great since it would decrease the rubbish and we also able to make something useful by recycling it. Having pollute environment is bad for our health and we could not keep producing it, so one thing which is able to do is recycling it.

Save Energy Usage

Turning off any light when you feel it’s not too important. You have to be careful on using it since we have so many people that is not able to feel it. It’s good for the earth and our local environment. We have seen on the news where there are many places are trapped with the flood. The main reason is happening because they are not able to keep their environment clean and safe.

Having a great community doesn’t mean we have to stop making improvement because there are so many things we need to do in order to make it better. Starting from any small thing such as throwing the rubbish into the right place can solve our problem in rubbish management. There will be a bright future if we keep saving the environment from any destruction. So I hope it helps your community growing.

How Important the community in our Social Life?

There would be many definitions about community itself. Some of people think of it as the place for sharing their opinion about something and some of them think about it as a group where each people are connected together. It’s really sad that nowadays there are not too many people want to join in and even some of them don’t even care about it. In our environment its actually pretty usable since it could be the place where many people show their suggestion to make the thing go better. One person in big environment is probably not enough to build or create anything we need more people to make it possible because everything would possible if we work together. In my experience, I have been joined some of communities during of my school and my college. I really get so many things there. We started it by only few people and it started growing to be big place for sharing and suggesting our future. I am afraid right now because people start to become not tolerant and do not really care for each other. One of the biggest problems is because of the effect of social media.

I did not say it bad, but many guys seem to be stuck on their virtual world and forget about real world. People seem to be lazy for caring each other and they only want to talk each other only in the internet. I have to say that it’s so important to get used with your neighbor because they would be the person that is going to help you if something bad is happened. How could they will help you if they don’t even know who you are. Being active in the community is not that many guys thought. Once you get inside, you will know how good it is. By starting to say hello to your neighbor is already a good way to socialize with your friends. You don’t need to start it from something big and start from smallest thing that you are able to do. World are getting worst and that is why we need to start for understanding each other to make a better world. There is one in the world want to live lonely and you probably want to get your family. So please, get out from your hiding place and be active in your community.