Some Disadvantages Of Doing Raw Diet

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We are going to get good and bad things from something are depended on what we do about it. You go with it on the bad way and you end up getting the bad thing about it. it is much similar to happen when you are doing it on the right way, you are going to get so many good things about it. This is what I really want to talk about here. Doing raw diet is not only giving us some benefits, but also some bad things that might be dangerous to our body.

Food is becoming the number source of energy to our body. How much the energy that we will get on our body would be really depended on this case. You are eating more healthy food means that you are going to get more energy. This case is also happened when you are doing it wrong. There are so many great chance that you are going to face some disease because of the food that you are eating. This is what happens to many people of doing raw food diet. They do not know there are some risks that they are going to get if they are doing it too much. Here are some risks that you are going to get if you do raw diet food too much.


This case is not happened to many people, but there is always a risk watching you. There are some green toxic that people would get when they eat raw food. Eating it on the normal amount would not cause any problem, but it is totally different when you eat it too much. It will start to risk some people who have fair skin and it is pretty bad. They would get some skin sensitivity and skin problems because of this case.

Raw Eggs

I do not really recommend you of eating too much raw eggs because there are some bacteria contained inside of it. The name of bacteria is salmonella which is pretty dangerous and could injure and even kill you. The only thing that we can do to kill this bacterium is by cooking them. That is the only option that we have. Just be careful on everything that you are doing.


Even cooking meat in the high temperature could pose you to serious disease such as cancer. Could you imagine what kind of risk if you are decided to eat it raw? You are going get some serious injury because the meat is not really safe to it raw. There are so many bacteria contained on it because all of the process. You cannot just simply freeze it because they would become active again once the meat is back on the normal condition. It is better for you to smoke it on lower temperature since you are getting almost the same amount of protein. So just smokerit and see how good it is when it’s entering of your body.

There Is Nothing To Eat

Imagine when your friend asks you to come with them to the restaurant and you cannot go with them because you cannot eat the food there. I am very sure that they are going to be disappoint if yo keep rejecting it. I actually very surprise when one my friend doing this diet because there is nothing to eat. You can eat meat, fish, chicken and all of the other stuff which is cooked. How you could life it, I personally not able to live without eating burger, pizza and other delicious foods. There are so many good things you are going to miss.

Well, I could still eat some vegetables and fruits, really? I would be surprised if some people could do with it. There is really nothing to eat, you could see the list of raw foods that you could eat and you would see that there is not too many things available for this case.

Hungry For All The Time

There is always a price if you do not have anything to eat or you just eat some of them. You are not going to stop from hungry all of the time only if you stop doing this diet. At least, you cannot do it 100 %. Many of good nutrients are left from doing this thing.

Just think it again, you are not going to be very healthy for doing this case all the time. Doing raw diet is not the bad thing to do, but you cannot do it all the time without any break. Our body sometimes needs many things that we cannot easily get from this diet. I just hope that I could change some people opinion on doing this raw diet and they would forget to do it.

What Should I Do To Improve My Local Community

In my local community actually there is some important stuff happen. We feel that we don’t have any improvement for couple this month. Every people think that we should make any improvement in order to make it better. Then, some people write their own opinion on what we need to do now and we are getting pretty much idea here. We even making any future plans, thanks to our meeting last week. There are so many things that are needed in order to grow our community. One of the great things is making any great or mutual activity. That is only a single way to improve our community and now I have some nice ideas as well to help our community.

Buying Local Food

This one is actually pretty common, but it’s really helping us to get closer. Having a healthy local market, means we are getting closer to get a perfect community. Don’t bother yourself on buying any food from outside since everything is already prepared in our local market. I guess there is nothing wrong with the quality and the price is also cheaper.


Recycling process is not easy to do, but the effect for the environment is really great since it would decrease the rubbish and we also able to make something useful by recycling it. Having pollute environment is bad for our health and we could not keep producing it, so one thing which is able to do is recycling it.

Save Energy Usage

Turning off any light when you feel it’s not too important. You have to be careful on using it since we have so many people that is not able to feel it. It’s good for the earth and our local environment. We have seen on the news where there are many places are trapped with the flood. The main reason is happening because they are not able to keep their environment clean and safe.

Having a great community doesn’t mean we have to stop making improvement because there are so many things we need to do in order to make it better. Starting from any small thing such as throwing the rubbish into the right place can solve our problem in rubbish management. There will be a bright future if we keep saving the environment from any destruction. So I hope it helps your community growing.

How Important the community in our Social Life?

There would be many definitions about community itself. Some of people think of it as the place for sharing their opinion about something and some of them think about it as a group where each people are connected together. It’s really sad that nowadays there are not too many people want to join in and even some of them don’t even care about it. In our environment its actually pretty usable since it could be the place where many people show their suggestion to make the thing go better. One person in big environment is probably not enough to build or create anything we need more people to make it possible because everything would possible if we work together. In my experience, I have been joined some of communities during of my school and my college. I really get so many things there. We started it by only few people and it started growing to be big place for sharing and suggesting our future. I am afraid right now because people start to become not tolerant and do not really care for each other. One of the biggest problems is because of the effect of social media.

I did not say it bad, but many guys seem to be stuck on their virtual world and forget about real world. People seem to be lazy for caring each other and they only want to talk each other only in the internet. I have to say that it’s so important to get used with your neighbor because they would be the person that is going to help you if something bad is happened. How could they will help you if they don’t even know who you are. Being active in the community is not that many guys thought. Once you get inside, you will know how good it is. By starting to say hello to your neighbor is already a good way to socialize with your friends. You don’t need to start it from something big and start from smallest thing that you are able to do. World are getting worst and that is why we need to start for understanding each other to make a better world. There is one in the world want to live lonely and you probably want to get your family. So please, get out from your hiding place and be active in your community.

Best 2 in 1 Laptop for Students: Surface Pro 3 and Yoga 2 Pro

Nowadays, 2 in 1 laptop becomes one of the most favorite models of laptop. The flexibility becomes the most common reason. However, the more important thing is you have to know that hybrid laptop also comes with high quality and performance so that it can meet your needs. One of the most common people who use hybrid laptop is student. So, what is the best convertible laptop for students? That is what we will discuss in this article.

What 2 in 1 Specs Needed by College Students

What 2 in 1 Specs Needed by College Students? Before we choose the best 2 in 1 laptop for students, we need to know the specs needed. As we know, students usually need a laptop that is light in weight because they often bring the laptop to college or other places. Read more best laptops for college students 2017. So, you have to make sure that the hybrid laptop you buy is lightweight. Besides that, the performance of laptop should also be good. In fact, sometimes students have a task related to video editing or other tasks that need good performance. So, you should pay attention to it so much.

Then, students also need a laptop that has spacious storage. With spacious storage, your tasks can be done well. In fact, you may need to save many files or even install many applications for your tasks. Storage includes RAM and hard disk whether it is Solid State Drive or Hard Disk Drive. Lastly, students also need a laptop that is affordable. So, you cannot buy a laptop that is too expensive. If you can find a hybrid laptop that meets those requirements, you can consider buying that laptop. So, do you have images about a hybrid laptop that you want to buy?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for Students After comparing many options, we conclude that Microsoft Surface 3 can be considered as one of the best 2 in 1 laptop ideas for students. This laptop can meet your needs of studying, doing tasks, entertainments, etc. This hybrid laptop belongs to small laptop because it comes with 12 inch screen. However, the small screen eases you to bring and use it as either tablet or laptop. Besides that, the resolution is also amazing. This hybrid laptop is able to produce high quality images up to 2,160 x 1,440 pixels.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for Students

Are you a student of photography or other departments? Whatever your department is, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can be considered as the best 2 in 1 tablet for college students. It is because this laptop is powered by the 4th generation of Core i3 / i5 / i7. So, the performance is very powerful. Even more, the processor speed is also very high so that you can use it for any purpose well. Then, you should also not worry about the battery life. In fact, it belongs to one of the most durable hybrid laptop because the battery can last not less than 9 hours.

If you need to install many applications needed, its RAM can meet your need surely. The RAM is available in 2 options. They are 4 GB and 8 GB. It depends on your need and budget to decide which one you will buy. Still related to the storage, it also comes with various options of hard drive. You can choose from 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, to 512 GB. This hybrid laptop is also appropriate for photography students because it features Intel HD 4,000 – 5,000 GPU. So, the display quality is really satisfying.

There are also many features applied on this hybrid laptop. The first is detachable screen that allows you to use it as a tablet comfortably. Besides that, it is operated by Windows 8.1 with touch screen. Then, it also features a sophisticated technology named Palm Block tech. It also includes Surface Pen that lets you to touch the screen using this pen. You can also record your activities perfectly because this 2 in 1 laptop is featured with HD webcam. Some other features that you can use are USB 3.0 port and Bluetooth 4.0.

There are also many features

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for Engineering Students Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro also becomes one of the best laptops for engineering students. Do you know what it offers? Stars from the screen size, it comes in 13.3 inch screen. This is very ideal for students or any other profession. One of the reasons why people love it is because this hybrid laptop offers high screen resolution where it is able to produce up to 3,200 x 1,800 pixels. So, you the image quality is satisfying. Even more, it is also equipped with Intel HD graphic 4400 GPU that optimizes the display quality.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for Engineering Students

The performance of this convertible laptop is undoubted. It is because this laptop uses Intel Core i7 4500U for the processor. This powerful processor is paired with 2 GHz speed that can produce amazing performance. In relation to the battery life, it offers the same durability with Surface Pro 3 where the battery can last up to 9 hours. So, you can use it comfortably anytime and anywhere without charging. This laptop is also light in weight because the weight is only around 3.06 pounds.

One of the best specs of this hybrid laptop is on the RAM that is very spacious. In this case, 8 GB is a great capacity of RAM for students. So, you can install various apps you need. This spacious RAM also allows you to use it for multitasking well. Then, it also still applies 256 GB Solid State Drive for the storage. You can save many files in it.

This hybrid laptop feels more enjoyable because of the features applied. One of them is HD webcam that allows you to record your activities and video calling. You can also type comfortably using its Backlit AccuType keyboard. Then, it also applies other features including Onekey Recovery, Dolby Home Theater, Flip and Fold design, and Voice Control. So, if you are a student, it will be a good idea to buy this 2 in 1 laptop.

Finding the Best Lawyer to Represent Yourself in the Court

Lawyer is a person who will represent people in the court

People may often get trapped in a complicated problem that they have to face the law. They may be weak if they face the court by themselves. Therefore, a lawyer is presented to help people defending their problem in the court. The lawyer can make people winning a certain case or at least make the punishment or consequence easier. Before hiring a lawyer, people should consider some important matters.

It can be started from asking themselves, “Do I need a lawyer?”. People may often be charged with a crime, served with a lawsuit, or facing a divorce. Those conditions require a qualified lawyer to help out. Besides defending their position, a lawyer can be a good consultant to discuss as the lawyer will provide knowledge and advice for people. In business, the business owners should have a lawyer to discuss the complex rules related with partnership, business negotiation, tax strategies, will and trust drafting and others.

Furthermore, lawyers in business can help their client, which in this case is the business owner, in protecting them from hard situation. The hard situation here refers to financial and emotional hardship. Therefore, finding a suitable lawyer is a must to survive a business. Make sure that the lawyers work in the appropriate jurisdiction. The lawyers are typically licensed to practice in the particular state. Then, make sure that the lawyers can handle the case in the best manner. If you are a business owner, pick a bankruptcy lawyer for your business because the family lawyer is not suitable to handle the case.

As you have found the appropriate lawyer, match it with your budget. Therefore, you can prepare the budget that is along with what you need. Relating to the budget, you should be very aware in what you are paying for. You will have some details of your payment that include court costs, copies of transcripts and court reporter, private investigator, postage, courier, telephone, expert witness fees, legal research, photocopying, and accommodation. Those details should be included in your note.

However, you should be careful in hiring a lawyer. Make sure that the lawyer you are hiring is not soliciting your business. Soliciting your business means forcing you to hire him relating with your accident. This condition is also known as “ambulance chasing” and it is contrary with the Legal Rules of Professional Conduct. If the lawyers do this, you should never hire him as he is not suitable to represent you in the court or in facing your problem.

Best Gaming Headset Under 100 That Should You Have

Gaming is one of the favorite activities for people in the modern era to refresh their mind. If you think that game is only for children, today, gaming also can be done for older people. It is caused by the technology, which is in progression that creates many games that are played for old people. To play a game, it will be better to use game properties including the headset. Relating to this one, you will have some variation types of headset that can comfort you to play a game. Moreover, it will be the best idea for you to choose the best gaming headset under 100. This one can comfort you to use and the price is also good with your budget.

Find the best headset suitable with your need In this headset, you will have many options that can be chosen as your best headset. This headset is different with common headset because it can offer different feeling during playing game. The wrong decision in choosing this headset will waste your money because of crappy product. Because of that, it will be important for you to notice in this headset. The best pc gaming headset is not only audiophile headphone and dedicated mic, but it also should have convenience factor. Therefore, here are some products that can be your best reference for gaming headset, which has price under 100.

Sentey GS-4531 enter image description here This gaming headset is impressive because it has great in packaging. This headset packaging is amazing enough. It is attractive and easy to open so that you will be happy to use the headset. You do not need to install this headset in your windows 7 that can comfort you in usage. The features of this product are good enough. You, for instance will have good cable, which is nice and long. Besides, the cable also comes with a Velcro cable, which is tie up for extra length. Furthermore, it also has good in-line remote, which is bigger than other gaming headset.

The mic mute, audio mute, volume up and down will work comfortable in your PC. This headset also has good headband. You will feel the head set too loose on the ears for the first time. However, it will be comfortable later. Other pros for this product are that it is very lightweight that will not be tired at your neck. Nevertheless, it also has some cons that can be your estimation before purchasing. The Mic Mute of this product cannot tell without testing to see that it is on or off. Besides, this headset prefers to use rubber than soft fabric braiding cables.

HyperX Cloud You also can find other types for this gaming headset in HyperX Cloud. This TETC G4000 has impressive features that can comfort people to use the product. You will have the remarkable sound which is ideal choice for playing gaming in PC. Besides, it is also good for listing music, video, and so forth. Because of that, this product can deliver amazing sound and impressive bass. It also has super comfortable faux leather feel on the cup and head bad that can satisfy the people in usage. The design of this product is solid and great on your head. Besides, this one also comes with a plethora of attachment that can comfort people very well.

In addition, the impressive one that can be found in this product is that it has detachable mic, airplane adapter, and standard extension cable. The cable that can control box for mute and volume control are available to facilitate the gamer well. The product also comes with extra cup pad made of velour. It can comfort people very well in playing game because it is soft to use. The sound will be perfect when you use this product during gaming. The price of this product is also no more than $70.

Logitech Wireless G930 This product is one of the impressive headsets gaming with its 7.1 surround sound. Besides, the technology of this headset, which uses wireless for headphone is also impressive. The microphone is available in this product that can facilitate people better during gaming. The impressive one that can be found in this product is that it has fast wireless connection. It can let you level up without being tied down. Moreover, the 7.1 surround sounds also will put you right in the middle of action.

Furthermore, this product also has other features that can satisfy people in gaming. The sensitivity of this headset is 90dB SPL/mW that offers the good sound. Besides, the microphone pickup pattern in this product is Cardoid. It has type pressure gradient electrets condenser. In addition, it has frequency response about 50-20KHz. The low frequency effect channel with rapid-burst transmission will satisfy people very well. The rotate to mute mic is available in this product to comfort people.

Jeecoo Stereo This product has 7 colors breathing LED light over-ear headphone that can comfort people. Besides, it also has microphone inflected for computer games. However, you should pay attention into this product because it has 2 plugs in 3.5mm. The first one is for microphone and the other is for audio. Because of that, if your laptop only has one jack, you need an extra adapter to lead it work better. Moreover, if you have this product, it is great for watching video. It has amazing sound that can satisfy the user very well.

The features of this tool are also great. It has G1000 gaming headphone that offer you a great sound quality and accurate sound pickup. Besides, the over-ear headphone with eye-catching 7 colors is available for the product. The headset left earcup and microphone mute/unmute switch. It will offer the convenient for the user very well. The durable braided cable will be effective for anti-angle to comfort people in use. The impressive design in this device is that it has 360˚freely inflected microphone. It can offer the satisfied adjusting for user. This product will be easy to operate for people. It is also durable that can impress people very well.

Because of that, you do not worry when you look for headset for gaming. All headsets above have price under $100. The specs of the product are impressive that can satisfy people very well. Choosing one of the best gaming headset under 100 will be your solution that wants to have the satisfaction headset in gaming. The quality of the products is convenient for people that love to play game in their laptop. The specs of those products are also amazing that can comfort people during playing the game in PC.

Best gaming headset under 100 dollar will offer the impressive experience for gamers. Those products will offer the satisfaction one for people because of its specs and feature for each product.

Easy Ways to Make Your Computer Running Faster

The slow running of the computer access is one of the problems when you want to operate your PC to do your job. Yes, the slow running will increase the emotion and your bad mood. Now, you do not need to be upset or angry because I have several tips and ways to help you in getting the faster running of your computer. What are the kinds of the ways to faster the running of the computer? Please see the details of it below.

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Removing the unused programs The programs or application inside your computer will need the memory. The high count of the program will need to more space. In this case, when you want to faster the running of the computer access, it will be best when you try to remove or to uninstall the unused program. Uninstalling the unused program will help your computer to have the more stable running. In other, it also will make your computer runs more smoothly. How to uninstall it? It is easy. You just need to go to the control panel and find the uninstalling menu.

Upgrading RAM RAM is one of the most important things when you want to have the faster running of your PC. As we know, RAM or the Random Access Memory is the temporary storage to save the data of the running program. It means that the stability of the running program inside your computer is based on the performance of the RAM. Here, to have the faster running of the computer, it will be nice when you upgrade the detail of the RAM. In minimal, you add the capacity of the RAM. Check your computer and you will find the free slot of new RAM there.

Erasing the cache Another thing, which you can do in order to make your computer runs faster, is by erasing the cache of the program. We all know that after we run some programs, there will be a cache file there. If the cache file has the big amount, it will disturb the running of your computer and will make it slow. By this fact, it is important for you to clean the cache file of your computer in regular. When you do not want to be busy in erasing it, you can install some verified anti-viruses, which have the cleaning-cache programs. I hope it will be useful for you all.

There are several simple ways, which you can choose in order to increase the running of your computer. It will make your surfing looks more interesting.