Month: December 2019

The loan between individualsThe loan between individuals

We started another week in this world of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, invoices, loans, financing and we want to talk about a topic sometimes unknown: The loan between individuals who can be an option to be valued by entrepreneurs when starting up your company. The Loan between individuals is a legal figure recommended in many occasions and […]

Does Cash Withdraw From Credit Card Pay Interest?Does Cash Withdraw From Credit Card Pay Interest?

When making a cash withdrawal by credit card, the bank will consider this act as a loan, which will eventually come with fees. The reason for this is that the person who withdraws is using money they do not have yet. How credit card withdrawal works In general, consumers resort to this alternative in times […]

Variable or fixed mortgage: which one suits me?Variable or fixed mortgage: which one suits me?

Fixed or variable mortgage? It is the eternal question that many families and individuals pose when seeking financing for a home purchase, and more so now that mortgages have such reduced interests in all its modalities. In this article we will give you the keys to decide which product best suits your needs. First of […]