Instant online loans same day -I need a same day loan onlineInstant online loans same day -I need a same day loan online

When squeezed with money, the only thing we want is to resolve the unfavorable financial situation we find ourselves in the same day. This is a consequence of the fast-paced lifestyle and the habit of fixing everything in no time. The internet has given us a world in the palm of our hand, and we […]

The loan between individualsThe loan between individuals

We started another week in this world of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, invoices, loans, financing and we want to talk about a topic sometimes unknown: The loan between individuals who can be an option to be valued by entrepreneurs when starting up your company. The Loan between individuals is a legal figure recommended in many occasions and […]

Does Cash Withdraw From Credit Card Pay Interest?Does Cash Withdraw From Credit Card Pay Interest?

When making a cash withdrawal by credit card, the bank will consider this act as a loan, which will eventually come with fees. The reason for this is that the person who withdraws is using money they do not have yet. How credit card withdrawal works In general, consumers resort to this alternative in times […]

Variable or fixed mortgage: which one suits me?Variable or fixed mortgage: which one suits me?

Fixed or variable mortgage? It is the eternal question that many families and individuals pose when seeking financing for a home purchase, and more so now that mortgages have such reduced interests in all its modalities. In this article we will give you the keys to decide which product best suits your needs.   First […]

Payday loan without credit check: how does it work?Payday loan without credit check: how does it work?

When you have a low credit rating, it is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a loan from traditional financial institutions. Payday loans without a credit check can borrow up to $ 1,500 for the short term and meet urgent cash needs.   A limited sum The payday loan consists of borrowing an amount proportional […]

Loans to buy housing increased by 8.1%Loans to buy housing increased by 8.1%

The sale of housing stood at 50,176 transactions, which represents a year-on-year decrease of 1.0%, which is aggravated to 1.8% in the seasonally corrected series. By type of house, the sale of flats showed a year-on-year reduction of 1.1% (2.3% in the seasonally corrected series). Meanwhile, that of free-priced apartments was reduced by 2.0%. This […]

Have all credits been reduced? Here we explainHave all credits been reduced? Here we explain

According to the most up-to-date official information, until October the gross loan portfolio (including current, restructured, overdue and judicial collection credits) granted by the banks of Nicaragua has been reduced by 20.7% compared to 2018. However, during the tenth month of the year there was a slight growth, being the first time since the crisis […]

The house as collateral for a loan, a good decision?The house as collateral for a loan, a good decision?

On some occasions, a house needs a full makeover since when we acquire it is totally uninhabitable, either because we have inherited the old house of our grandparents or because we have opted to buy a house that needs a radical change. These types of works can reach prices that are too high to pay […]